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The Importance of Hiring A Licensed & Insured Electrician

Whether building a new house or simply updating your current electrical system, you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed electrician. After all, they're usually cheaper than their licensed counterparts, and they often do quality work, right? However, regardless of the varying qualities of work you are likely to receive, we strongly advise against hiring an unlicensed electrician for several reasons:

In an accident, hiring an unlicensed electrician could be a liability to you.

  • In an accident, hiring an unlicensed electrician could be a liability to you.

  • Unlicensed workers do not carry insurance, which means that in the case of an accident or injury, your homeowner's insurance won't cover any costs associated with the incident.

  • Unlicensed workers may have different safety standards than licensed electricians.

Hiring a licensed electrician helps ensure safety codes and standards are followed.

You want to make sure that your electrician is licensed and insured. Do not hesitate to ask to see the technicians license. Licensing and insurance are essential for several reasons:

  • They ensure that your electrician follows safety codes and standards such as NFPA, which is advantageous for everyone involved

  • They protect you against negligence by preventing electrical shocks and fires in your home.

  • They protect the public from unsafe work practices by trained professionals with a vested interest in ensuring the health and welfare of their client's homes.

Licensed electricians have access to professional tools and equipment.

These tools are more efficient, safer, and more reliable than you can buy at your local hardware store. If your electrician is a licensed professional, it will mean that they have invested time into learning the trade, and that commitment will be reflected in their tools and work.

Licensed electricians will also carry insurance if their work causes property damage or injury while working on your home or business. This lets them focus on doing their job well without worrying about getting sued if something goes wrong!

Licensed electrical contractors attend continuing education workshops and classes to stay up-to-date with the latest standards, codes, safety measures, and technology.

This is an integral part of the training because it allows them to be aware of any changes that may have been made regarding installing or repairing an electrical system. Massachusetts requires a certain number of hours of continuing education for these contractors to keep their license current.

Hiring a licensed electrician benefits homeowners who want a safe, code-compliant electrical system.

In addition to the safety and code compliance benefits, hiring a licensed electrician benefits homeowners who want a safe and reliable electrical system. An experienced electrical contractor can help you benefit the most from your wiring system by ensuring all components are installed correctly.


When hiring a licensed electrician, you need the peace of mind of knowing they have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete your project. By hiring an unlicensed contractor, you are putting yourself at risk for injury or even death. If you are looking for a licensed electrical contractor, look no further than Sean Conroy Electrician LLC.


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